In 2000 the Club replaced its very old, small, wooden clubhouse with a state-of-the-art brick building which included communal area, kitchenette, changing rooms and toilets.  It was a huge step in moving the Club forward.  The £100,000 project was only possible with the help of a successful £80,000 Sport England lottery bid, achieved thanks to the hard work and dedication of club member Brian Elver, who also project managed the works as they were completed during the summer. 

The old Clubhouse can be seen for the last time. The three Beach Huts will go down in the Club’s history as will the memories of the good times enjoyed by those who used it.  It was however time for change and with the new Millennium’s arrival it was an appropriate time to look to the future with a modern facility that would serve its members for decades to come.

The wooden huts are no longer after they are demolished.  Men’s A Team member Matt Quinn looks on. The walls begin to go up but as you can see it  Club times were not effected too much although it was not very easy to get a drink of water!

Repair work to Court 2 is almost complete after torrential rain caused the court surface to collapse into the trench that was dug to lay the foundations.  Meanwhile the rest of the walls are coming along fine, including the “tennis ball” windows.

With the roof now complete work can begin on the electrical cabling inside. After securing the required lottery funding proud Project Manager Brian Elver looks on as the wooden patio doors are put in place.

The Clubhouse is given its last lick of paint and is finally ready to use.  It did take a little longer for the water to be connected but that was not too much of a problem as there was none available with the old Clubhouse either!

A quick change of colour, after a week, was required after it proved difficult for the players to see the ball with the cream backdrop when the floodlights were on. The Clubhouse has been a various shade of dark green ever since.  The colour below is the current one.

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