Seating Area next to Court One


In November 2016 Facilities Manager Robert Elver and keen club member Toby Broom were discussing how impressive some of the events, held over recent years, have been.  The number of people attending has been over fifty on many occasions.  It was here that the idea was born.  Wouldn’t it be good to have a dedicated area for players, family and friends to sit, located away from the playing area.  Up until now chairs have always been brought onto the courts, especially since the storage shed was located in the only other space off the court, next to the Clubhouse.  Thanks to a dedicated team of members and some skilled relatives of junior members, Robert Kershaw, Jake Broom, Simon Broom, Paul Halfyard, Jason Hatherley, Robert Elver, James Elver, and even 4 year old Samuel Elver!, the project was brought to life.

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